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    AH-F120 Powder screw feeding packing machine

     Powder screw feeding packing machine detailed information:

    1.Powder screw feeding packing machine main use

    2.Powder screw feeding packing machine technical parameters

    3.Powder screw feeding packing machine functions

    4.Powder screw feeding packing machine operation hints

    5.Powder screw feeding packing machine maintenance

    6.Powder screw feeding packing machine troubles and solutions

    7.Packing list of powder screw feeding packing machine

    Warnings!All moving parts are strictly prohibited from touching for operator, especial in the transverse hot sealing of powder screw feeding packing machine.

    No.1.Powder screw feeding packing machine main use

    This type of powder screw feeding packing machine can be widely suitable for packing various kinds of non-carbonated liquid, especially for packing film bag of soy sauce, vinegar, juice and other beverages (or iced beverage), bean milk, milk, peanut milk,mineral water, cooking wine,alcohol beverage and liquid chemical products.

    No.2.Powder screw feeding packing machine technical parameters

    Production Rate: 1500-4200 bags/h (for beverage like bean milk, milk, soy sauce, vinegar,juice,mineral water etc). 
    Packing Capacity: 5-100 gram/bag (stepless adjustment)
    Dimention of Film(mm): 240-320 (optional)
    Length of Bag(mm):30-180
    Width of Bag(mm):30-140
    Motor Power: 1.2 KW
    Voltage: 220V /50Hz
    Vertical Sealing Power: 600W; 
    Transverse Sealing Power: 600W.
    Cross Weight of Machine: 350KG
    Machine Overall Size: (LxWxH)120x86x180cm

    No.3.Powder screw feeding packing machine functions

    (1) Film Bag-shaping
    (2) Automatic feeding film
    (3) Thermal vertical sealing
    (4) Production date printing automatically
    (5) Linear bag traction
    (6) Quantitative filling
    (7) Thermal transverse sealing
    (8) Bag-cutting both zigzag and linner 
    (9) Automatic counting

    No.4.Powder screw feeding packing machine operation gist

    4.1 Install the powder screw feeding packing machine in dry and ventilated place with sufficient lighting. The four undercarriages of the powder automatic packing machine body should be firm. If necessary, fix the machine with four embedded bolts.

    4.2 Fill the object container with clean water(or 75% alcohol solution). Start the machine and run for 5 to 10 minutes to rinse the flow way so as to meet the foodstuff sanitary standard.

    4.3 Put the plastic membrane coiling axis onto take-up spool. Adjust till it is on the centerline of former. So that the plastic membrane coiling can be in same width at both right and left sides, then separately screw down the screws on both fixing sleeves, adjust damping swing link at proper spring pressure until it swing freely after the bag is dragged automatically and the brake is in good order.

    4.4 Put feed tape through two guide pipes and buckle it to the former. Keep feed tape symmetrical in both right and left sides. Adjust the date to the right day. The date is in the order of year, month and day from top to bottom.

    4.5 Adjust thermal vertical sealing temperature to the range between 120℃and 150℃ and thermal transverse sealing temperature between 200℃ and 250℃ (It is not allowed to exceed 260℃, otherwise hot sealing die head will be damaged ). The adjustment of temperature subjects to the quality and thickness of bag at that time. And then carefully adjust by fine-tuning. Do not start production of filling until preheat for 20 minutes, thereafter the machine can go on work and it is not necessary to preheat except for power off.

    4.6 Adjust the feeding film motor speed on control board so as to obtain required length of bag.

    4.7 Adjust the screw filling motor to obtain the required filling quantity. Reduce the quantity and increase by adjusting on control board.

    4.8 The piston ring of machine is an adjustable component. Remember that the adjusting range should be tiny. Otherwise, the piston ring will be damaged. Tighten clamp nut upon the accomplishment of adjustment to avoid loosening and changing position.

    4.9 During regular production, no other work is needed but press the switch button. The output amount is counted automatically through counter. Stop the machine upon running out of coiling tape. Replace new coiling tape quickly and turn off screw filling motor to stop feeding powder. Do not feed powder for continuous production until new bag is formed.

    4.10 Filter in advance if there are many big solid matters in filling powder. After the machine is used for a period, in the case of finding vertical and transverse sealing non-adhesive cloth worn, unscrew clamp and change electric thermal pipe or aluminum heat conduction block. (Adjust before worn completely.)

    4.11 The highest position of powder level in the filling tank (barrel) should not exceed 0.02 meter under the top of tank so as to ensure the overflow of powder. If there is control valve in the pipe for transfusion, the control valve is not allowed to be in OFF status.

    4.12 Regularly check vertical and transverse sealing aluminum blocks. Clean away the dirt stuck on the surface of aluminum blocks, which may severely affect the hot sealing result. Do not clean the aluminum blocks with metal tool or scrape with sand paper. Otherwise the working surface will be damaged and cannot be used again. After the cooling of aluminum blocks, wipe the surface with cloth or wooden tool dipped with organic solvent to remove the foreign matters.

    4.13 Regularly apply methyl silicone oil 210~350CS to vertical and transverse sealing non-adhesive cloth to prolong service life of non-adhesive block and obtain optimal hot sealing result.

    4.14 In the case of finding abnormal phenomena is strictly prohibited ,such as poor sealing, bag connected with each other, leakage, pricking with hand or tools,etc. Stop the machine immediately for troubleshooting.

    4.15 Action routines and coupling sizes are set to optimal state before delivery. For maintenance, skilled technician is required.Record the original coupling sizes before dismantle.

    No.5.Powder screw feeding packing machine maintenance

    5.1.After use, wash away residual powder in the flow way and tank with water then dry by itself in cool and ventilative place. Otherwise the residual powder will be degenerative and affect the quality of product of next production. Remove screw and clean it with a brush. Keep it clean and dry.

    5.2.Regularly check moving parts and oiling status and oil the machine with sufficient 20# lubricant or lithium based grease at any time. Otherwise the operation will be out of order and that will severely affect service life of machine.

    5.3. Regularly check the machine and clean away foreign matters on the surface of transverse aluminum block. It is not allowed to have encrustation on the surface. Otherwise thermal conductivity will be reduced, the temperature of aluminum blocks will rise, and hot transverse sealing will be out of order.

    5.4.In the case of finding abnormal phenomena, cut off power supply immediately. Restart after troubleshooting.

    5.5.During production in winter with temperature under 0℃, unfreeze the ice in quantitative tank and the flow way with hot water. Otherwise, the feeding screw will be broken or the machine does not work.

    5.6. Single sheet film for the machine should be 80μm thick. The tension strength, even thickness, and lubricating property of film should be guaranteed. The weight of each roll of film should be controlled under 18kg (320mm) or 14kg (240mm). Transverse hot sealing temperature should be under 260℃. Poor thermal sealing or high failure rate of bag are caused by employing single sheet film that is not recommended by the manufacturer,they are not within extent of liability borne by the manufacture.

    No.6.Powder Automatic Packing Machine 's Trouble and solutions

    The whole powder screw feeding packing machine does not work and the indicator does not light.
    Likely cause and remedy
    a) The electrician are required to check powder supply if it is loss of phase or under-voltage.
    b) Check main power supply is turned on or not.
    c) Electrical components are in order or not.

    The moving parts make abnormal noise.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) Lack of lubricant.
    b) The screws are loose and that results in the change of position of parts.
    c) The moving parts are severely worn.

    The powder is not sufficient or sometimes in large amount and sometimes in small amount.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) The screw of feeding powder is loose.
    b) There are some foreign matters in the powder outlet of flow way.
    c) The control system is bad.
    d) The connected wire for feeding motor isn't pressed tightly or loose.
    e) The powder level in material barrel is too low.

    The bag is not in fixed length, sometimes long and sometimes short.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) Bag-feeding tong screw is loose; the rubber pad is worn or has oil dirt (With household detergent).
    b) Stock-coiling damping swing link does not swing forward and backward normally.
    c) Plastic film coiling is overweight.
    d)Feeding film motor is damaged or connected wire is loose or control system for feeding film is out of order.

    The temperature of vertical and transverse hot sealing does not rise or is not stable.
    Likely cause and remedy
    a) Check the instrument in control board is in order or not. 
    b) Check the temperature thermocouple is damaged or is loose and falls off.
    c) Check the heating pipe is damaged or not.
    d) The power supply is out of phase; the connector lug is loose and falls off

    The hot sealing surface is not good; the failure rate of bag is high; and the date is not printed distinctly.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) Change non-adhesive aluminum block or adjust non-adhesive aluminum block's position.
    b) Check the aluminum block is flat or worn. Change if it is worn.
    c) Too much filling amount. A small quantity of air chamber should be remained.
    d) Adjust to proper temperature.

    The operator has a feeling of getting an electric shock.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) The power wire is connected wrong or is not connected well.
    b) The whole machine electric system should be connected to the earthing wire well.
    c) The wire of hot sealing aluminum block and electric thermal pipe should have good insulating property to ambient surrounding.
    d) Do not spray liquid to power supply connector lug or electrical appliance.

    The transverse sealing are out of order; and the bearing strength is insufficient after thermal sealing.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) Clean away foreign matters stuck on transverse sealing copper block immediately.
    b) Check if aluminum block is worn and the electric thermal pipe is damaged.
    c) screw clamp of electric thermal pipe.
    d) Plastic film should be 80 micron thick.
    e) Adjust the pressure of transverse sealing aluminum block.
    f) Check if the blade on transverse sealing aluminum block is sharp enough.


    FJ-60B Powder screw feeding packing machine packing list:

    1.Main machine :1 set
    2.Electro-thermal tube (600W) :1 pcs
    3.Electro-thermal tube (600W): 1 pcs
    4.Vertical sealing rubber: 1 pcs
    5.Transverse sealing rubber: 1 pcs
    6.Teflon cloth: 2 pcs
    7.Insurance tube: 2 pcs
    8.Oil boat :1 pcs
    9.Inner turret spanner( M5, M6, M8, M10, M12): 1 pcs/per
    10.Open spanner: M14-17 1 pcs 
    11.Operation manual: 1 pcs

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