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    Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine)

    AH-Z1000 Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) detailed information:

    1.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) main use

    2.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) working principle

    3.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) technical parameters

    4.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) operation hints

    5.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) troubles and solutions

    6.Packing list of vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine)

    7.Electrical schematic diagram of vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine)

    WarningsAll moving parts are strictly prohibited from touching in the stage of operation, especially in the rotating parts of automatic vibrating screen,oscillating screen,oscillating sieving machine.

    No.1.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) main use

    This type of vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) can be widely suitable for various kinds of food and pharmacy industry,metallurgy building materials industry,and Chemical industry.The R-100 vibration screen has the stainless die, the popular type, the explosion-proof, the supersonic wave mode. Is suitable in the powder lot, aggregate screening and pulp filtration. For example:
    1. Chemical industry: PVC resin silt, phenolics powder, polyethylene powder, epoxy resin powder, pigment, mixed material, fire-extinguishing, cosmetic and so on. 
    2.Food pharmaceutical industry: Citric acid, gluconic acid, starch, egg, sugar, salt, alkali, fruit juice, essence, seasoning, thick liquid oil, soybean milk, traditional Chinese medicine thick liquid, injection thick liquid, oral administration thick liquid, healthy product and so on. 
    3.Metallurgy building materials industry: Zinc oxide, titamium oxide, white lead, titanium powder, nickel powder, powdered iron, copper powder, electromagnetism material, rare earth, lead aluminum paste, pottery clay, ceramic mud, glaze thick liquid, kleit, fire-proof material and so on. 
    4.Other aspects: Carbon black, activated charcoal, glass dust, abrasive, pearl, argil mud, black and white fluid, padding fluid, waste liquid, waste water recycling and so on. 
    vibrating screen ,oscillating sieving machine possessed with advanced equipment, strong technique power, perfect testing method, strict management system and enterprise fame.

    No.2.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) working principle

    1. : The AH-Z1000 vibration screen uses electrical machinery revolving to have the exciting force, to cause to sieve the body to produce duplicate turns on lathe the vibration, its movement axle the mark for the complex spatial three-dimensional curve, adjusts the top and bottom steelyard weight's space and the position angle, but changes material effectively the movement path, the extension or the reduction material's in screening surface resident time, achieves the ideal screening effect.

    No.3.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine)technical parameters

    (1). A stable structure, high efficiency, 
    (2). Low noise pollution, 
    (3). Easy maintenance
    (4). Safe operation and wide suitability. Commonly ground can be used
    (5). Easy to replace the components, simple operation and convenience washing. Just need 10 minutes.
    (6). The highest layers of the griddle are about 4 layers. But 3 lagers are suggested.
    (7). Material : SUS 304
    Size: dia.200-2000mm
    Layer: 1-3
    Mesh:3-600 (0.025mm-8mm)
    Packaging way: wooden box packing

    No.4.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) operation gist

    (1). The electric device of Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) should be wired on the ground; the electric line must be insulated and be installed into flexible conduit. You must cut off the power when checking and repairing the vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine).
    (2) The vibrating Screen (oscillating sieving machine) should be started without load. Working with too much load is forbidden. When all the material is discharged and the vibrating screen (oscillating sieving machine) is stopped. You should not make any adjustment, cleaning and checking for the vibrating Screen (oscillating sieving machine) when it works, otherwise it is in danger.
    (3) The feeding groove and feeding end should be as close as possible and feed evenly along the full width sieve; the feeding direction and stuff rotating direction should be the same to get the best screening effect. Max throw from feeding points to the surface vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) should be not more than 200 mm to ensure the smallest impact on the screen surface.
    (4) You should add lubricating grease into bearing base per 8 hours and change every month. The bearing of vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) adopts Molybdenum disulfide complex calcium-based grease.
    (5) Check all the moving parts of the vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) every month, including checking the fastening parts is fastened or not, side plate is broken or not, the horizontal bar and the strengthening frame is broken or not, the spring, the seal parts of inspiring device, the belt conveyor and the switch of electric device.

    No.6.Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine)troubleshooting.

    The whole machine does not work and the indicator does not light.
    Likely cause and remedy
    a) The electrician required to check powder supply and loss of phase or under-voltage.
    b) Check main power supply is turned on or not.
    c) Electrical components are in order or not.

    The moving parts make abnormal noise.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) Lack of lubricant
    b) The screws are loose and that results in the change of position of parts.
    c) The moving parts are severely worn 

    The Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) cannot start or low amplitude.
    Likely cause and remedy:
    a) Motor damaged,or the electric elements in control circuit damaged.
    b)Low voltage, or the stack on vibrating screen, vibrator failure .
    c) Grease in vibrator becomes dense,or belt skid..

    For some common problem,the operators can solve them by the following methods, changeing components, changing electric elements, changing power supply, cleaning material on screen, overhauling vibrator, cleaning vibrator and adding new grease, tightening the belts.If the operators find abnormal running of material, operators can check by the following five ways:

    1).Whether the lateral level of screen carton is emendated or not, if not, just to adjust the support height.

    2).Check if the spring is damaged ,or whether there is different height in different of spring, in that case, the best way is to adjust the spring.

    3).If the screen of vibrator is damaged, there is no other way but changing the screen.

    4).Unbalance feeding, when operators find it is caused by this factor, they can balance operation, and smooth feeding.

    5).Sometimes it is the screen bracket of vibrator may be broken. Just change screen bracket.


    AH-Z1000 Vibrating screen(oscillating sieving machine) packing list:

    1. Main machine :1 set
    2. Electrical motor :1 set 
    3. Switch: 1 pcs
    4. Control circuit chip: 1 pcs
    5. Frame: 1 pcs
    6. Screem: 3 pcs
    7. Insurance tube: 2 pcs
    8.Oil boat :1 pcs
    9. Inner turret spanner( M5, M6, M8, M10, M12): 1 pcs/per
    10. Open spanner: M14-17 1 pcs 
    11. Operation manual: 1 pcs 

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